Collectie: Pure Mushrooms

Collection: Pure Mushrooms

At Fungi Shop we believe in the healing power of mushrooms, and Pure Mushrooms is a pioneer in this field. With over 5,000 years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, mushrooms have proven their value for both body and mind.

Pure Mushrooms brings age-old knowledge to the modern age with nutritional supplements that are pure, vegan and full of adaptogenic mushrooms. These supplements are designed to promote inner balance, a goal that fits perfectly with our philosophy.

What sets Pure Mushrooms apart is its origin. The mushrooms are harvested directly from the pristine forests of China, where traditional mushroom farms have refined the craft of growing for generations.

These supplements are not only pure, but also enriched with Acerola, a tropical fruit full of healthy substances and vitamin C. It is a perfect addition to the daily dose of mushrooms, and strengthens the overall balance.

Fungi Shop is proud to offer Pure Mushrooms - organic, vegan certified and based on mushroom extracts. The power of mushrooms, supported by modern science and inspired by age-old wisdom.

Pure Mushrooms at a Glance:

  • Organic and vegan certified
  • Mushroom supplements with adaptogenic properties
  • Harvested directly from the original source: Chinese forests
  • Enriched with Acerola for extra vitality
  • A natural path to inner balance

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